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Cyclone II 

Cyclone is our stallion. He is a Descendant of the famous "Misty of Chincoteague." When I first laid eyes on Cyclone all I could say was “Wow!” Gorgeous does not even begin to describe him. I am so incredibly blessed to own such a beautiful and sweet stallion. His head is put together perfectly and his ears come to a fine regal point. His color is amazing! He has a very dark bay and in the right lighting his dapples will show up. He has both bear tracks and ermine spots indicating that he is homozygous for the pinto gene and indeed he has not thrown a solid foal yet. He is easy to work with and always the first one to the fence as he LOVES attention. He passes his sweet and friendly personality on to his babies. There is so many good things I can say about him, he is truly a gem! 

Note: At this time we do not offer breeding to outside mares.


                                                                                  Sire's Sire: Windjammer

                                                            Sire: Nightmist


                                                                                        Sire's Dam: Windy

Cyclone II

(Bay pinto- 14.2 Hands)                                                            Dam's Sire: Wing's O' Mist                               

                                                 Dam: Pryor's Sea Breeze


                                                                                        Dam's Dam: Sunflower


 Date of Birth: April 25, 2008


 Below is a link to Cyclone's Pedigree online

For additional Photo's feel free to check out my Facebook page or the Misty's Heaven page by clicking the links below.

Cyclone's Progeny

Here is a list of the foals that Cyclone has sired from 2011-his current foals! click on the foals names for additional pictures on Misty's Heaven.
Firefly was Cyclone's first foal. He was born in 2011 in the state of Texas and is a stunning black and white pinto gelding. He is out of a beautiful buckskin pinto mare named Sea Stormy Fly. Click on his name to see more photo's of him on Misty's Heaven. (Current photo used by permission of his previous owner)  
 Moontide Mist, affectionately known as Bugsy, was Cyclone's second foal, he was also born in 2011 in Texas. Bugsy was a stunning bay pinto out of palomino pinto mare named Rolling Bay Sugar Pixie. 
Bugsy is pictured on the left.  
Winter Moon is Cyclone's third foal and first filly. She is a stunning bay pinto with one blue eye. She was conceived at Stag Creek Farm in Texas and her mother "Heart of the Bay" was sold to a pony farm in Pennsylvania where Winter Moon was born on January 12, 2012. Sense then she has been donated to the Chincoteague Firefighters and is now living out the rest of her days on Assateague Island! In 2019 she had her first foal, a bay pinto filly, who is the first Misty descendant to ever be born on the island. We are excited to see how Cyclone's legacy continues through Moon and her filly! (Photograph used by permission from Amanda Geci)

Dash is Cyclone's third son. He was born in Minnesota in 2013. He was a handsome bay and white pinto gelding out of a solid bay mare named Bryant's Farm Liberty. He resided at our farm until he was a year old and then he was sold his new home in New Mexico. He is pictured on the photo to the left.  
Skipper was Cyclone's fourth son and was also born in Minnesota in 2013. He is a minimal bay and white pinto gelding and is out of a solid bay mare named Bryant's Farm Hope. He still resides at our farm and is currently in being trained to ride. He is pictured to the right. 
Jubie is Cyclone's fifth son and was born in 2015. He is a flashy bay and white pinto gelding out of Bryant's Farm Liberty. He was born in Minnesota and still resides at our farm. He will begin his saddle training this summer. He is pictured to the left.  

2023 Foals

We are currently in the process of breeding several mares to Cyclone for 2023 foals.

2024 Foals

At this time we plan to breed several mares for 2024 foals.